Mexico Four Night Cruise

Terms & Conditions

  1. This certificate is valid for round-trip airfare and a four night cruise for up to two adults and up to two children to Mexico. Staterooms generally used are Interior Category 1. Adult travelers must be over the age of 21 and child travelers must be under the age of 18 at the time of travel. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during travel.
  2. To register, you must fill out this certificate completely and return it to the address provided along with the required $50 per person fully refundable deposit to guarantee space availability. The deposit payment must be in the form of cashier’s check, money order or personal check and must be received with this certificate within 120 days from date of issue printed below. Please keep a copy for your records. A tax deposit invoice will be issued upon receipt of your fully completed certificate. The $50 per person fully refundable deposit will be refunded to you by check along with your travel package.
  3. Upon registration, you will receive a tax deposit invoice that you must return along with the required $196 per person tax deposit in the form of cashier’s check, money order or personal check. Minimum double occupancy is required. If your tax deposit exceeds the actual amount of taxes and fees any unused portion of your deposit will be refunded to you by check along with your travel package. Government imposed taxes and fees will not exceed $196 per person.
  4. Upon receipt of your invoice and reservation deposit you will be sent a reservation letter with a toll free number to call to make your reservations. All travel must be completed within one year of the reservation letter issue date.
  5. All reservations must be made by calling the toll-free telephone number provided on your reservation letter. You must provide three departure dates at least 60 days in advance of your first date and 30 days between subsequent dates. Your departure dates must be before your expiration date and not during weeks with major US holidays including Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day and Thanksgiving. We recommend you call at least seven months before your expiration date. If you follow these simple rules about making your reservation, we guarantee that one of your three departure dates will be granted.
  6. After you request your departure dates you will receive a confirmation letter within 30 days with your assigned departure date. Your departure date will not be deemed confirmed unless CBE receives your signed confirmation letter prior to the deadline (printed on the confirmation letter). Once a requested departure date is assigned no changes or reschedules are allowed.
  7. Government imposed taxes and fees (approx. $175 to $196 per person) are the sole responsibility of the travelers and will be deducted from your tax deposit. Taxes and fees include but are not limited to: Airline Federal Excise Tax, Federal Security Tax, Local Passenger Facility Charges, Cruise Taxes, Port Charges, Fuel Surcharges and other cruise line imposed surcharges. Travelers are responsible for ground transportation, accommodations or any incidental expenses such as baggage fees, phone calls, gratuities, meals or entertainment that is not included during the cruise. You are responsible for all onboard purchases and some onboard fee based activities such as spa treatments and shore excursions.
  8. This certificate is valid for international travel. Travelers are responsible for meeting all requirements of domestic and foreign customs and/or immigration and naturalization. A passport may be required for travel, visit for more information. Cruise departs from Long Beach, CA and includes stops in Catalina and Ensenada.
  9. Round-trip air transportation must originate from these cities: Denver, San Francisco Bay Area (OAK, SFO or SJC as assigned by CBE) or Salt Lake City.
  10. Flights arrive into Los Angeles. Specific flights are subject to availability and will be assigned by CBE. Flights may involve stopovers, layovers and/or changes of plane. Flights will arrive no more than 24 hours prior to your cruise embarkation time and flights will depart no more than 24 hours after your cruise debarkation time. Travelers are responsible for accommodations during the period between the flights and cruise if necessary.
  11. Until CBE purchases your airline tickets and/or cruise you may cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid. A personal CBE travel representative will contact you by phone to finalize the details of your trip before purchases are made. Your travel package including airline itinerary and sailing documents will be mailed to you at least 10 days before your departure date. Failure to update changes to your address and telephone numbers will prevent your receipt of your airline tickets and/or itinerary, as well as the return of your $50 per person fully refundable deposit.
  12. This certificate is nontransferable, is void where prohibited by law, may not be combined with any other discount or special promotion, and is invalid if sold or bartered. No other representations, oral or otherwise are valid in conjunction with this certificate.
  13. This certificate is not valid for group travel. Group travel is defined as more than two passengers traveling together using multiple certificates.
  14. CBE is not responsible for any accident, injury, theft, property damage or personal loss in connection with any transportation, accommodations or other travel services arranged in the fulfillment of this certificate which result either directly or indirectly from any occurrence, including but not limited to, equipment breakdowns and/or defects, cancellations and/or delays, changes of itineraries, strikes, inclement weather, theft, terrorism and/or acts of war.
  15. Both adult travelers must sign the certificate.

Enter To Win Drawings , Sweepstakes or Contests


Enter to Win slips carry the following disclaimer and OFFICIAL RULES:

Entrant is required to confirm they are entering the proper corresponding contest. Sample Entry slip verbiage pasted below. Entrant is required to confirm they are have entered the drawing voluntarily, and validate qualifications via phone. Grand vacation prize is awarded to one winner, selected from all entrants combined from all venues where this exact promotion is offered, according to the odds printed on the slip, including but not limited to local, state, and national promotions if applicable. Winner responsible for any state, local or federal taxes only as required by law. Enter to Win slips have no cash value. No purchase necessary to enter. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Entry forms must be 100% completely filled out, and promotion is only available to qualified entrants, by invitation only at each venue. In order to receive a Promotional Offer, Entrants must be over 25 years old, have a combined annual household income of over $50,000, married or cohabiting natural US citizen couples only. Express permission for us to make contact by telephone in order to extend offers to you is given and any subscriptions to a Do Not Call list restriction is waived for the sole purpose of this promotion, designed to permit GTN Rewards, Travel Expo Pros, The Traveling Otter or their authorized agents to contact you and solicit you to preview our vacation packages and offers of travel packages for sale. Entrants who have already received any travel incentive from GTN Rewards are ineligible for a second incentive. In the event of conflicting verbal statements made by agents, these terms and conditions shall apply.

Entrants may opt out of the drawing by phone contact or by sending an email to info @ with your TELEPHONE # and the words “Take me off your list” in the email subject line. We can not remove your phone # unless you include it in the subject line so we can identify the phone number you want removed. Opt-out requests may also be made at any time verbally during the phone contact process. OPT-OUT options take approximately 30 days to take effect and comply with State and National DNC rules.
Enter to Win slip text below (also printed on slip you completed)
Sample: Updated language subject to change. *Please Enter me in the Vacation Drawing Promotion. GTN Rewards LLC, or GTN Rewards U.S. Promotions designed to introduce travel club services to new prospects only. Not valid to previous customers. Limit: 1 promotional offer w/ Incentive delivery only per household every 3 years. Retail value approx = $5,000. No cash value. All eligible entrants may be contacted by phone or email, and Express permission granted re: DNC rules.  Certain Qualification Restrictions Apply. Certain Qualification Restrictions Apply to receive promotional incentives. Approx 15% of entrants will qualify for promotional offers, yet this does not affect the odds of Winning. Promotional offers are NOT prize notifications.

Offer void where prohibited. Company reserves the right to void invalid, incomplete, and duplicate entries.

You are not required to purchase anything to receive your Gifts on promotional offers extended to you, however the purpose of our promotion is to advertise in detail our current travel packages and establish a business relationship. We have thousands of clients and if we have something for you, we would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Promotional Vacation Offers Summary – Short Version
Promotional vacation offers are subject to stricter terms not associated with member travel. Clients are responsible for all governmental taxes and fees when/if applicable. Promotional Trips including airfare are for mid-week travel only, but some exceptions do apply. International airports serviced only. Supplier reserves the right to select lowest cost itineraries, including airlines, routes, and departure times. Promotional trips are initially designated value season (off season) and holiday or peak season travel may be available for an optional surcharge. Upgrades, route changes, and extensions may be available for an extra charge. All promotional travel must be completed within one year after receipt of voucher. All travel offers are based on space availability and most promotional travel reservations must be made at least 60 days in advance, and provide alternate travel dates. Supplier reserves the right to offer substitute dates, or suppliers if necessary.